New Moon In Leo: A Playful Home Practice (Part 2 of 5)

In keeping with the feeling-tone of tomorrow’s new moon in Leo … here is a playful yoga practice that integrates the distractions that we often face on our own.  One of the reasons for not practicing at home is often the presence of children, partners, and pets.  There are always going to be days when going to a public yoga class (and freedom from interruptions) is absolutely in our best interest.  However, the energy of this particular new moon is practically screaming its invitation to play at home.

Dogs need no encouragement to join you in your yoga practice – and they often know intuitively just where to go (exactly where you wish they wouldn’t).  Husbands, wives and especially children can usually be encouraged to join you if you take the right approach.  Use the following sequence as an opportunity to giggle, chuckle, laugh out loud, to be tickled, prodded, licked on the face, kissed and (if you have one of those dogs) maybe even humped a little.  This is the new meaning of samadhi… and it’s not that hard to reach.

This new moon invites us to commit to personal goals, not with heavy-handed discipline, but rather playfully, in keeping with a Leo’s gregarious, fun-l0ving nature.   When setting an intention to maintain a home practice, even if just for a week or two, invoke the qualities of this sign and, as the saying goes go deep, but keep it light. 

BIG thank you to Leilani McGonagle and friends, Katja and Seany Glatzer, Girlie, Dos Dass, Lucas, and Alex for their willingness to play…

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Before starting a home practice, learning directly from a qualified teacher who is able to guide you personally is always a good idea.  Move through sequences slowly and mindfully, and come out of any posture if you are experiencing pain.

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