Developing a Home Practice (Pt. 4 of 5)

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Once you’ve committed yourself to developing a home yoga practice, there are still going to be days when you just can’t face the yoga mat and the vast expanse of YOU that awaits. It’s like that New Yorker cartoon of a car in the desert and the road sign warning: “your own tedious thoughts next 200 miles.” Some days, we all just need out of our own heads; we just want someone to tell us what to do.

When the inner noise reaches an unbearable pitch, hit up the following site for free yoga classes online (I loved the yin video “Sinking into Stillness” which is the only one I’ve actually done).  It’s easy to search, the classes download quickly and can be streamed.  Plus I love having the option of practicing with new people, or returning to old familiars I haven’t met.

Do Yoga With Me

Living in the remote little town of Pavones, Costa Rica, I sometimes feel far away from my tribe of yoga teachers and friends around the globe.  These online yoga classes bring the whole world to me, and remind me of the interconnectedness of all beings.  The peace and contentment I receive often changes the course of my day, and I like to think these unknown yoga teachers receive my appreciation and gratitude too.

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training
Namaste... Indira

If you are one of the ten people left on the planet without an internet connection then you probably don’t need a yoga home practice because you’ve already reached a state of enlightenment and bliss.  Write in to tell the rest of us how to proceed.


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