January Vacation Winner Has Magic Behind It

Sometimes the magic of the world presents itself in a quick instant.  This morning’s yoga practice and meditation were full of ease and simplicity.  When I rang the singing bowl and picked a name (for the Pavones Yoga Center vacation giveaway) my hand went to two cards but one dropped away effortlessly. The name on the card, the winner, is Lynn Roberts.

Lynn and I have never met, but we’ve been in communication quite often recently as she will be attending the January yoga teacher training. I have several times commented on Lynn’s amazing powers of intuition, and also on the synchronicity of the stories she includes in her emails to me with regards to my own life.  Now I am impressed with her powers of manifestation.  I like to see these little proofs of magic confirmed in the world.  So Lynn, thank you for being a reminder of that… you truly are meant to be here in Pavones in January.


Alex and I are so looking forward to sharing Pavones Yoga Center with you.  I know that your presence here will be a gift to this very sacred corner of Costa Rica.

For those of you who would like a chance to win, we are giving away four days for two people each month in 2012.  This was January’s winner.  You can submit your entry on the Vacation Giveaway page.

Happy Winnings Lynn.  Truly look forward to meeting you.

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