Reading David Eagleman’s “Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain” and came across this beauty: “[the earth is but] a speck in the visible universe, which contains 500 million galaxy groups, 10 billion large galaxies, 100 billion dwarf galaxies, and 2,000 billion billion suns. (And the visible universe, some 15 billion light-years across, may be a speck in a far larger totality that we cannot yet see.) ….Even if life on other planets is terribly unlikely- say the odds are less than one in a billion- we can still expect several billion planets to be sprouting like Chia Pets with life. And if there’s only one-in-a-million chance of life-bearing planets producing meaningful levels of intelligence… that would still predict several million globes with creatures intermingling in unimaginably strange civilizations….”
Had an awe inspiring moment at the magnitude of the little project earth that we are a part of … there’s a zoom in – zoom out change in perspective necessary to take in the concept. It becomes like a yoga practice. How hard is to grasp the reality and paradox of the importance of our Earth while also holding the truth of our place in the much larger scheme of things? How quickly can you switch between the small self – witness (big Self)? Is all this too mind boggling for a Saturday morning? xo go get your morning tea, have a run, enjoy your weekend on our perfect tiny little planet. I love you my little Earth, my little self, I love you too.


2 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. McFadden says:

    Nice! I love Incognito — one of my favorites of the year. Have you read Eagleman’s book of fiction, Sum? If you liked this passage, I think you’ll love the ideas in that book.

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