Happy New Year … welcome to 2012!

It’s hard for me to stay up until midnight in Pavones.

At sunset, I was joined by close friends. We sat on the balcony, reflecting upon 2011, then later watched fireworks as we went around the circle speaking our wishes for 2012. One of mine is to welcome wonderful people to Pavones Yoga Center in 2012, and I’m looking forward to kicking off the year with the great group of people who have signed up for the Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training starting in three weeks. Some aspects of my life here mimic that of a farm-house wife, (except for the killing pigs and chickens bit, and actually, Alex does most of the cooking)… last night was no exception: up with the sun, we were in bed by 9:00 with a little wake-up at midnight to listen to the festivities going on down in town and say a sleepy “happy new year” to each other.

This morning, as the sun rose, Alex and I centered ourselves, meditated upon April energy, and drew a name from the list of people for the Vacation Giveaway. Krissy Halkes is our winner. Congratulations Krissy, I look forward to meeting you! Happy New Year to all…

Invoke dragonfly energy of change and self-realization for the start of 2012

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