yoga teacher training

The first 200 Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training at Pavones Yoga Center is over.  I say this with a twinge of melancholy, a dash of longing for the richness of our time together, and an big dose of gratitude and admiration for the incredibly inspiring group of individuals who shared their lives and spirit in Pavones for an entire month.  You have given me a boost of creative energy – now I’m just riding out the wave.

Grateful too to be in San Jose and NOT headed to any construction supply, cement, roofing, paint, or hardware stores for the first time in three years.

Grateful that I received my Costa Rican residency card after standing in line a mere three point five hours – and actually didn’t have to stand because there were enough chairs in there.

Grateful for Emily Brush who will be writing blog posts here about how her yoga teacher training is impacting her life.

So this is a brief hello from me, a thank you to the YTT group, a big welcoming shout out to Emily, and a request for anyone reading this to take a moment to make note of something you’re grateful for right this very minute… studies show that finding things to be grateful for is one of the biggest factors in creating happiness in the present moment.


Indira  |    Pavones Yoga Center

yoga teacher training


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