Student Perspectives: Updates From Beyond…

Emily B is a graduate of Pavones Yoga Center's 200 HR yoga teacher training who writes about how her experience at PYC is shaping her current life.

Once again, I’ve been inspired by Indira, so I’ll keep with her gratitude theme for my first entry. I wonder if she is sick of hearing it from me, but I simply can not express enough how grateful I am for Indira, the rest of the staff and the sacred magic temple that is Pavones Yoga Center. Exactly two weeks post graduation and I can already sense how deeply transformative this experience has been for my mind, body and soul.

Upon returning from Pavones, I was thrust into more changes as my partner and I mutually decided that after three years it was time for us to part ways. I am grateful for the amazing time we had together and all the richly valuable lessons I learned from our relationship. I credit the PYC yoga teacher training with giving me the strength, self confidence and tools required to trust my intuition and begin to release attachment to the relationship.

Though I am healing a broken heart now, all I can do is smile when I think of him…well…and cry too. I tend to cry a lot. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, loving tears, silly tears…it’s fitting that my emotions express themselves in liquid form since I’m sure the water is my natural environment. Which brings me to my appreciation and gratitude for the ocean. Swimming in the salt water every day during my month in Pavones was purifying, healing and awakening on so many levels.

I must extend some cyber gratitude to my aunt and uncle for being gracious enough to take me and my pup into their home in Santa Cruz, CA while my new life begins to take shape. I am so incredibly thankful to have come to a place where I can be near the good old Pacific again. Even if I do have to wear pants, boots, a winter jacket, hat and scarf to the beach, the sand smells delicious and the waves sound soothing.

My first full week here has consisted of researching and going into every yoga studio with a resume and sample class outline to get on a sub list or get my own regular class. I can not wait to start teaching! Lucky for me there are huge yoga, belly dance, hula hooping, art, music and surfing communities here in Santa Cruz….all my favorite things! Thanks Santa Cruz, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. And until next time friends…

peace, love and gratitude to all, Emily

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One thought on “Student Perspectives: Updates From Beyond…

  1. lynn roberts says:

    Very enlightening and a “gee I know exactly what you’re talking about”. I feel in so many ways just like that. Great to hear from you and strong energy and positive magic going your way. Miss you, Lynn

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