Student Perspectives: Dreaming of Simpler Times

Pavones Yoga Center Emily BMy experience at Pavones Yoga Center has inspired me to want to live every moment to its fullest and jump at any opportunity to meet myself in others. Yet at the same time, I’m remembering the harshness of the outside world. I became so comfortable in our warm, loving, open, playful, accepting PYC Yoga Teacher Training bubble. It was easier to be myself more consistently during the training. There was an underlying level of trust that existed innately with each person because everyone came there with a positive intention for their own spiritual, physical, emotional and/or mental growth or understanding.

My fight or flight response is activated much more in this city setting. I don’t know if Santa Cruz is considered a city per se but it’s the biggest town I’ve inhabited in over a year.  I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a bit of an adjustment. More people, more cars, more energies to watch out for and the more work it is to keep track of my untrained puppy….and I’m not talking about Dende, (he is actually pretty well trained ) 🙂 but, the puppy of my mind. The days just slip away and I find myself asking how and why I wasn’t able to accomplish everything I’d planned.

Last week, I had a good conversation with Mark Stephens, author of Teaching Yoga, about my personal yoga practice, general goals and the potentiality of me teaching at his studio. I was fortunate enough to be offered a work-trade arrangement to attend his 2-Part Hands-On Assists Workshop starting this weekend. I was excited for the additional exposure and practice with assists because it is one area that I felt I needed more experience. Many thanks to Mark for the opportunity.

Having finished day one of the workshop I have a few things to report. 1. Santa Cruz is a flooded yoga market and there is a sense of competition in the field. It is a subtle undertone that I can sense with everyone in the yoga community here, teacher and students alike. 2. I found myself longing for our loving little group even more. Many of the people in the workshop have been through Mark’s teacher training so they have spent time together, but not in the same capacity as we did, living, eating, beaching, practicing together every day. I miss my yoga family. 3. Having now experienced a little bit of another teacher’s yoga training, my respect for Pavones Yoga Center’s program has only grown.

With the hectic pace of this week I find myself daydreaming of simpler times. Climbing the hill and counting my breaths. Peace. My nighttime dreams have also been filled with Pavones. Almost every night I dream of it. It doesn’t always look the same but I know it’s Pavones and it always feels good to be there. Sending special love to my yoga family tonight. Dulce sueños, Emily


2 thoughts on “Student Perspectives: Dreaming of Simpler Times

  1. lynn roberts says:

    I’m hearing you and know what you’re talking about. But we must look at everything (including the difficult ones) as a learning and living experience that makes us a better “who we are”. Love ya

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