Pavones Yoga Center Emily BAfter exploring almost all of the yoga studios in Santa Cruz and taking classes with about 7 different teachers, I have finally begun to find my niche. I’ve lucked out to find not only a yoga studio, but also a live music venue, art studio, retail store, community center and spiritual sanctuary. I immediately connected with the energy of the space. It feels warm, soothing and safe, just like Pavones Yoga Center. The competitive energy I spoke about previously does not exist here. Taking a page from PYC’s book, it is the only studio I have found that also offers community classes for donation. I believe there to be correlation here, when monetary factors are removed freedom and the true essence of yoga are created.

After expressing interest in subbing, showing up frequently to classes and meeting as many of the teachers as possible, I’ve been granted a work-trade agreement that allows me unlimited free yoga in exchange for a small amount of work at the studio. Just after this was solidified with the manager last week, one of the other work-traders excitedly exclaimed “Welcome to the family!” I felt a wave of peace and love roll over me. While the individuals from my Pavones Yoga Center training will always be my immediate family, I have discovered my extended yoga family here in Santa Cruz. This new home of mine is called Divinitree. Even the website is inspiring!

Yesterday afternoon, in the midst writing this blog, I received a call from an unknown number. It was Divinitree’s manager asking me if I was available to sub a Hatha class last minute. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity and now I have solidified my place as a sub at this studio! Exactly what I asked for. Thank you universe. 🙂


One thought on “Happythankyoumoreplease

  1. lynn roberts says:

    You go Emilee………….I’m so happy to hear of your “magical” finds and opportunities. I have moved into my little house on the island in south Texas and slowly am getting “settled”. ( if that can really ever be possible for a wanderer like myself) I have gotten a few ‘tips” on nursing/yoga instructor here and also retail shop keeper for a surf shop, no less. It is strange how things work out the way they’re suppose to inspite of me. I have also gotten several books on “yoga for depression” by a woman recommended from a book Indira was reading. She also teaches certification classes in the Bahamas and when the time is right I am hoping to take one. Pavones Yoga Center has definately changed my life. I love you all, Lynn

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