More Yoga Music-

Brooke you are so right… why did I get off the hook? 🙂 I think because I knew I could never limit it to just ONE favorite song and top FIVE albums … so here’s my list:

Favorite songs top 3

1. Hare Rama Instrumental artist: Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, album: Rama Rama (this is the “lovely violin music” Brooke mentioned)

2. Vyaas Houston “Gayatri Mantra”(also a Brooke request)

3. For a long time my favorite song for kapotasana was “Sweet Tides” Thievery Corporation album: Radio Retaliation because of a story Alex told me about that song coming on the radio when he went to pick up his father’s ashes and feeling like he was there with him and there was no separation, their differences had ceased to mean anything and they were in a sense at peace with one another.  So that song has a lot of meaning and for a time I think it carried that message out into the room for me.

Favorite Albums

  1. a new one I like is Nada Sadhana and kevin courtney “Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1”
  2. Satyaa and Pari “To The One”
  3. Krishna Das “Door of Faith”
  4. (through 6) 🙂 Yoga Chill, Spiritual Chillout, and Buddha Lounge Vol 5 are albums that have songs that make it into a lot of my playlists.

I find a lot of singles through movies.  Whenever I hear a song I like a lot, I wait for the credits and then track it down on itunes.  Charlie Bartlett is a GREAT movie and I LOVED this version of “sing out”

Thinking of you all with love in my heart,



One thought on “More Yoga Music-

  1. Jen says:

    Mi amor! Thanks for the music and keeping me included in the blog. I love to get a dose of you through the blog.

    As always, thank you for you light.
    Love, Jenny

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