All There Is, There Is All

What if this is all there was?

Pavones Yoga Center Emily B
Emily Brush is a PYC graduate and contributor to "The Salty Dog"

Chris Crotty often asked this question during his classes at PYC over the course of my 200 hour teacher training program and it’s really stuck with me. I resonate with this concept of holding a posture and sinking deeper into each muscle of the body and mind by asking myself this question and others like it. What do I have to do to make myself comfortable here? What if all yoga consisted of was this posture right here and breathing? This is all I can do for the rest of my life, how do I achieve contentment and pace?

To my excitement, this series of questions (and most yogic principles!) come in handy in settings outside the yoga studio. Recently, I attended a concert at this cozy little jazz venue in Santa Cruz. I was there to see Raul Midon, one of my all time favorite artists and an absolutely incredible musician and songwriter. As we eagerly waited for him to appear on stage time seemed to slow down until it became almost unbearable. The excitement was overwhelming. Surrendering to a practice in patience I turned to my friend and said…”What if this is all there was?” What if this is all we could do for the rest of our lives? Just sit in this space with all these people chattering away, lights, an empty stage with instruments and our beverages. That’s it. How can we cherish this moment? How can we be as present as possible? And suddenly it became easier to wait, we involved ourselves in each other and appreciated being together to share the experience.

And then he emerged. His energy was so profound. Without a word he arrived at the microphone for the opening tune. All together we took off on this musical journey as we were absorbed by Raul’s vibes and the performance began! We were instantly dancing in our seats, so groovy!  My eyes were glued to the stage as he changed locations and positions depending on what instruments he was playing, (with his choice of drums, guitar, piano and mouth trumpet he ran quite the gamut) I began to take notice of the way he held his body. It was as if he was doing asana practice right there in front of me, straight spine, deep diaphragmatic breathing to sustain long and high notes, and a recognizable bodily consciousness from head to toe. Even his fingernails were perfectly manicured. And props! A small stool to support his foot up as he sat tall to play guitar, creating a length. A master yogi through the practice of music. I wondered if he knew.

Now, it important to note that Raul Midon is a blind man. Which raised a whole other set of questions for me. Since he can’t see us, does he know us through our energetic bodies? Can he sense each individual person? If I were to meet him in the future would he remember me based on the feeling he experienced from being near me? Does he see music in color in his mind? What does his world look like? I was mesmerized. He was flawless in every way. He spoke, telling stories as if he were reading a novel and sang as if he were an angel projecting directly into my heart. I felt healing, joy, love, peace and knowledge exude from his being.

When he came back out for the encore performance he affirmed, “this room feels good.” I felt it too. So powerful. I was inspired and being in his presence to witness his music for those 2 hours changed my life.  Thank you RAUL MIDON, I LOVE YOU.  Take a moment to experience the magic that is the man who is Raul Midon:


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