Jai Ganesha!

Costa Rica yoga teacher training

Ganesha reigns over new beginnings and our innate ability to transform any aspect of our lives should we choose to do so. Remover of obstacles, Ganesha reminds us that our highest aspirations are always attainable. The symbolism surrounding the endearing elephant-headed boy-god child of Parvati and Shiva invokes the ideal attitude and mental preparation for transformational journeys. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training begins in one month (on August 5).  Every time I look at this little face, I remind myself of the core Pavones Yoga Center intention to cooperate with the forces of cosmos rather than blindly impose my will upon it without regard for other life-systems. The link below is an invocation to Ganesha for those of you who are more audio-oriented and inspired.  Namaste and Jai Ganesha!200-hour yoga teacher training programs Costa Rica

Ganesha Mantra


2 thoughts on “Jai Ganesha!

  1. Mariquena says:

    La mejor energía en Pavones Yoga Center, como siempre!!! Bella Indira!! Sending so much love to you!!!

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