Our 200 Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training is upon us, it begins this Sunday, August 5.

For those of you in the Pavones community and anyone visiting the area this month, morning sadhana (sadhana: yoga practice) is open to the public beginning on Saturday, August 11.  These classes are from 6:15 to 8:00 AM every day of the week.  There are a few “clauses” to your participation, and also a set of guidelines so that we all arrive with the same intentionality.  Please read through the entire list before arrival:

  • We invite guests into our teacher training space so that students have the opportunity to practice the assists they are learning.  Please be willing to be assisted throughout your yoga practice.
  • If you can bring your own mat please do so. There will be a few extra community yoga mats but we cannot guarantee one for everyone.  Mat rentals are $1.00.  Arrive early to ensure that you get one.
  •  As my favorite boat captain’s quote says: “if you can’t be on time, be early.” Please arrive no later than 6:10 AM.
  • No children please, this is an adults only yoga practice.
  • Please make sure your pets stay at home.
  • If you do bring a cell phone, please turn it off before class begins.
  • Leave all belongings, including water bottles, in the space provided outside of the studio.  We will be taking photographs for use on our website and would like to keep the space clutter-free.
  • Please rinse your feet before entering the space.  This is a ritual gesture as much as a physical cleaning, so rinse them even if they seem clean.
  • Finally, we will be entering and leaving the yoga practice in silence. This is to maintain and appreciate the quality of stillness that is present in the early morning both in the environment and in our inner world.  Teachers will meet with students outside the yoga pavilion for a few minutes after class to answer any questions that arise.

We are so excited to begin this adventure and hope to see many of you diving into the practice of yoga with us!


Indira, Chris Crotty, Katie Martin, and Brooke Smith


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