Act Your Shoe Size…Not Your Age

Prior to attending my teacher training at PYC I went to visit the amazing and beautiful Kristy Ayala ( for my very first Reiki session. Her insight and wisdom was powerful as she explained that going to Pavones to become a yoga teacher was exactly what I was supposed to be doing and the experience was going to be everything I wanted it to be and more. She couldn’t have been more right. Since then I have worked with Kristy along my spiritual path seeking her guidance love and support as I uncover my destiny.

A couple of weeks ago I took part in her workshop, “Getting in Touch with Your Inner Child” via conference call. We were led through a series of meditations and taught different methods for communicating with our inner child. One such avenue is to simply open up a dialog with your inner child. In the morning right when you wake up ask “Inner child, what would you like to do today?” Then just listen and feel for the answer.

The next morning, I tried it. Stumbling down from my loft bed, Dende tucked under my arm and desperately needing to pee, I made my way to the bathroom, relieved myself and got my toothbrush. Scrubbing my pearly whites, I stood in front of the mirror, looked myself in the eyes and I asked the 7 year old sprout inside, “What would you like to do today little girl?” Immediately, I heard “Go to the beach!” “Really??” I replied, “but we do that almost everyday, don’t you wanna try something else?” “The BEACH!” she demanded. “Okay okay, you’re the boss!”

I went through the adult responsibilities of my day with a hint of skepticism. I love the beach of course, but it just seemed too easy and obvious. Maybe I didn’t really hear anything at all…? But alas I went anyway. The usual routine: arrive in the parking lot, get mine and Dende’s items organized, grab my hula hoop and get down the stairs. I found my space and played chasing games with Dende before starting a bit of light yoga to wake up my muscles and joints. Before long I was spinning circles to some tunes and appreciating the elegance of the ocean.

When suddenly, I heard a small voice… “hello,” it greeted. I spun both directions but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. And then she came closer “What are you doing?” she persisted. A tall slender little girl in a green t-shirt with bright blonde hair had approached me. I looked at her astounded almost forgetting to respond. It was as if I was repeating the meditation from the previous day where we imagined looking into a mirror and seeing our young self. “I’m hula hooping! you wanna play?” I asked with a massive smile.

I tossed her my hoop and she flaunted her skills. Back and forth we went showing each other tricks and games, playing with our dogs and rolling around in the sand. She too was yoga practitioner, a gymnast, and a dancer whose favorite color was green, just like me! My inner child and I were having so much fun! I was in awe of her bendy young body, excitement for life and confident attitude.

After about 20 minutes of handstands, cartwheels, yoga postures, and laughs it occurred to me that we’d never been properly introduced. “Hey what’s your name anyway?” I questioned as I plopped onto the sand after a failed attempt at a back walk over. I heard it coming out of her mouth before she even said it…”Emily!” my new friend answered…And my jaw dropped with joy and love for the Universe. “That’s my name too!!” I could barely contain my excitement. I felt as though my inner child had manifested herself in the physical form to send me this message of trust in myself and faith that I am on the right path. I felt so connected.

Emily and I played for another half hour or so as her parents returned from their surfing expedition and relaxed on the beach, grateful that their daughter was being entertained. Our acrobatics brought us a onlooker who decided to take a seat and participate in Emily’s guessing game to determine my age. They were struggling and getting further away as they guessed younger and younger ages. When I finally revealed I was 27 she was baffled. “Well you don’t act like it!” she exclaimed. By this time her parents were calling for her to come and our beautiful play time together had come to an end.

I haven’t seen my little Emily since that day but my heart is warmed when ever I remember her and she reminds me to always honor, love and trust my child within.


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