Clean Feet, Clean Mind

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about Pavones and my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in some capacity. Recently, my attention came to my feet and the simple, effective, refreshing routine of washing them before entering the sacred space high atop the hill at PYC.

As the training began, I remember Indira announcing to the group that our participation in the feet washing ritual was appreciated in order to maintain an essence of purity in the studio. I loved the concept and graciously accepted the invitation to observe how though I would be performing the same act once, twice, three, four times a day, I would never have the same experience. Back in the hustle bustle of American life, my admiration for this ritual has expanded.

One of my favorite things about warm weather is walking barefoot anywhere and everywhere. I treasure the opportunity to feel that direct vibrational connection to the Earth. It being summer time in Santa Cruz I have been indulging in this practice daily. Problem being, when I step into the yoga studio off the black tar sidewalks and onto my mat I’m left with big fat dirty footprints and a cluttered mindset to match. Yuck! I find myself rushing into the bathroom to wipe clean the chaos of the day.

Forcefully scouring my soles, I feel a wave of frustration. “My mat is dirty!” –  “Why doesn’t every yoga studio have a foot bath area in front of the studio?!” – “Now, I’m starting class late because I scrambled to the bathroom!” –  “Grrrr.”  And then, recognition and clarity: “It doesn’t matter how or where I rinse my feet before yoga as long as I do. Make the commitment to wash and it will have the same effect at any location!” My feet are my foundation. Clean feet, clean mind, powerful practice. Ahhh, relief. Calmly returning to class and stepping fresh onto my mat I commemorate the brilliance of Indira’s design and intention. Thanks once again Indira and to all you current 200 hour trainees, my advice to you: Savor each cleansing droplet!

Dos lounging in front of the purifying fountain 🙂

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