New Moon In Leo

200 hour yoga teacher training Costa Rica

We are at the end of week two of our month-long intensive yoga teacher training and I have a rare moment to sit down and contemplate while the student group walks through the jungle on a guided nature walk at Tiskita Jungle Lodge.

Tonight we have planned a ceremonial yoga practice to coincide with the new moon in Leo. As a group, we plan to set our intentions for the month and release anything that is no longer necessary. This kind of conscious and intentional group practice creates opens an internal sense of spaciousness that can serve to balance against the usually faster pace of day to day life.

Qualities associated with the new moon:

mysterious, inward, quiet, shadow, seed, introversion

Leo Energy:

individuality, self-expression, outward expression in the world, willpower, strength, courage

As you may imagine, there is a pull in two rather different directions energetically. The task is to find a balance between the two. Some relevant questions at this time might be:

What is asking to be released?

What are the wounds you carry and can you imagine a way in which your wounds may actually play a crucial role in your life?

What were you born to express?

What have you created?

The new moon in Leo is a time to examine what we are cultivating and the way that we are choosing to express our deepest essence in outward form.  As the day ends, pause to consider how you can best channel your passions to live a life that is inspired, purposeful, and guided by the pull of your heart.

Namaste, Indira


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