Savasana: A Precious Moment

pavones yoga center yoga teacher training
Costa Rica yoga teacher training
Emily B is a graduate of Pavones Yoga Center’s 200-hour yoga teacher training and a regular contributor to The Salty Dog.

Lately, my teaching opportunities have increased with fervor and I’ve noticed that one of my favorite parts of a yoga class is this sweet little moment towards the end. As students lay peacefully in Savasana, I gently call them back from whirling through the vastness of the Universe. I ask them to roll onto one side, feeling fully supported by the earth beneath them as they curl into a fetal position. My heart smiles as I behold all these adult people suddenly reverted back into their tiny innocent infant selves and I catch this tender glimpse of each one’s soul. So vulnerable, so honest.

This occasion also brings me to a unique inner peace. I’ve accomplished teaching another class and I breathe a sigh of relief. Still green and blooming, I have nervous energy and plights of anxiety when it comes to planning and teaching my classes, but in this instant I know I have been successful. I feel blessed to have been able to provide these people with the gift of yoga for an hour and a half out of their busy days.


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