Pavones Yoga Center yoga teacher training Costa Rica

Pavones Yoga CenterDespite my mourning for all the turkeys in America, I woke up in the vein of tradition, considering that for which I am grateful. Of course family, friends, health, puppy love and dark chocolate. But the times have me considering the wider world and in that frame of mind I am grateful to live in a peaceful country where I can go to sleep at night without fear of violence and wake up in the morning to the call of toucans and macaws and howler monkeys. I am grateful that the government of my home country values these gifts. Thank you, Costa Rica. I am grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that the United States elections inspire on both sides of what has been called “a deeply divided nation” and I’m grateful that, despite the divide and the long lines, the process can be carried out in relative peace and honesty. And thanks to freedom of speech the cynics can point to all the ways this isn’t true. I’m grateful for every teacher I’ve had and friends, I count you among my deepest teachers. I’m grateful for students without whom I would not grow. And I’m happy that there is a day set aside to contemplate these things – maybe we should create more of these pauses. Oh wait- that’s sort of what yoga is.

What are you grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving.


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