Insight and Identity (and a new PYC video)

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Alex and I recently returned from a retreat with Ram Dass in Hawaii (more on that later). Today, as we walked back from the beach, I noticed a little pile of rocks stacked up at the base of the sign at the PYC entrance. Upon closer inspection, I discovered about 30 or 40 heart-shaped rocks and shells and other tiny symbols of love and devotion.

My heart seemed to want to burst with an exotic new blend of gratitude. I sensed the infinite and invisible threads of love, intentionality, and peace that arrive here each day from all over the world. I am so grateful for the  group of dedicated Pavones-local, and sometimes temporary-local, students who arrive here day after day for yoga practice. I am filled with awe, respect, and love for the PYC yoga teachers who commit their time and energy to working here with me to provide daily public classes at a rate that locals can afford. And I truly honor the students who join our training programs from all over the world. Sometimes it all feels so much more than worthwhile. In this moment – it feels effortless. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Life feels most worth living when I am giving myself in service to something greater than just that ‘little s’ self. When I can identify with what is timeless, boundless. Watching what student and graduate Chris Dougherty has created in this video, I see his intentionality and his love absolutely radiating out of the work. And in the authentic presence and mindful practices of each yoga student/teacher pictured, I remember. Through the Light in you, I see and honor the Light in me. Thank you for sharing your Light here at PYC.

I often post as “Pavones Yoga Center” on the Salty Dog and on the Facebook page. And sometimes it feels like a burden to even maintain a separate “Indira” identity (on Facebook, etc). But today, seeing that little mound of pure love at the PYC entrance reiterated for me the importance of maintaining proper perspective. In reality, and I mean this in the deepest sense of truth: I am primarily a steward for this land and for this place. Sometimes that comes through as a channel for information, hopefully more often a vessel for the transmission of wisdom, and as much as possible a vehicle for love. PYC belongs in spirit to every person who has bowed to their highest self at the end of a practice, to those who laugh when they can’t touch their toes: who cares?? and most especially to every person who walked in, rinsed their feet as a student, and emerged as a yoga teacher. A few of those teachers are in this video, and my spirit soars to watch them here.

We are all connected. Through the Light in you…

Namaste, Indira

If you like this video, please consider sharing it with friends. My eternal and boundless gratitude to Chris Dougherty for his incredible producer skills and the gift that he has given Pavones Yoga Center with this work.


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