Free Yin Yoga Class

costa rica yoga teacher training

This sequence shows the poses that tie in with a free yin class audio available for download on the Pavones Yoga Center website. Clicking on the photo below will take you directly to the page where you can download the audio class  to your computer. It can then be played in iTunes whenever you want.

I taught this class during The Art of Flow yoga teacher training in 2013. It was followed by another hour of yoga sadhana involving a more yang or active flow sequence. Everyone in the room was familiar with the basic tenets and form of yin yoga so you won’t hear a lot of instruction in the class; if you’ve never tried yin, check out this relatively new lineage in the yoga family. Below are a couple of yin-related links from The Salty Dog crew:

Yin Yoga: Why Work With Cold Muscles

What The Yin


Yin Yoga for Liver and Kidneys taught by Indira Kate Kalmbach at Pavones Yoga Center during The Art of Flow Yoga Teacher Training, a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training through our yoga school in Costa Rica.

And this link leads to a downloadable PDF file with the photos above so that you can follow along during the audio: Indira Kate Kalmbach Yin Yoga For Kidneys & Liver

What I love about teaching a yoga class is the ephemeral nature of the task: throw myself into the present moment, give myself over fully to this particular group’s experience, and at the end, smile, bow in humility to honor and release the practice out into the world, then walk away. There is – usually – no finished product to critique or judge. And this, to me, is a good thing. I’m hard on myself, hyper-critical.

I always want to tweak my yoga classes when I go back and listen to the audio of them. One edit I would suggest for this one: allow plenty of time between the back-bending sphinx/seal and the forward bending of saddle (especially if you go to the most extreme variation). Maybe neutralize with a twist (try twisted roots as pictured).

And you may want to check out Indira’s 30 minutes yin practice on youtube:

Enjoy — and we hope to meet you one day at Pavones Yoga Center.



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