Getting to Know Pavones: Pt. 1 SURF!

As the cold starts to come over here in Portland, OR, I find myself spending more and more time dreaming of Pavones. While the Pavones Yoga Center itself is an incredible space, part of the magic of the center is the town and area that surrounds it. Some of my best memories from the PYC Yoga Teacher Training have nothing to do with yoga, and everything to do with the joy of spending time in such a welcoming Costa Rican town. So lets talk story….

When you Google search Pavones, the number 1, 2, and 3 response all have to do with surfing. Why? Because Pavones is a surfers paradise. Hands down (and this is coming from a girl who grew up in Hawai’i), it is the most incredible place I have ever been in the water. The waves were consistent, fun in power, fun in size (ranging from small days, to 20+ swells!) Pavones is celebrated for being the 2nd longest left breaking wave in the world—which means, if you’re good, you can ride the same wave for 2-3 minutes!

Even if your not a surfer, PYC’s Yoga Teacher Training can help you get wet.  Included in the cost of training was a fun day out in the water, with professionals giving tips and lessons, and helping new-comers catch their first waves. If you’re a salty dog already, the long break each morning between morning practice and the morning lecture provided a perfect opportunity to get down to the ocean to surf or stroll!Image

For me, yoga and surfing became two sides of the same practice—In the studio, I worked on my balance, concentration, breathing and strength, while in the water all of those aspects helped me push my surfing in ways I’d never experienced before. The fear and panic that before would take over my body when I had a big fall, became a calm, zen-sense of awareness and experience—while being held under I could simply ragdoll my body, and let the wave carry me instead of trying to fight it. Every evening, my sore shoulders benefited from the restorative practices, and I found energy and strength I didn’t know I had. Incorporating surfing into my Yoga Teacher Training helped me find a sense of true connection to nature’s energy, riding the ups and downs of each wave helped me better understand the ups and downs of life.

Stay Tuned, because while surfing in Pavones is super rad, the town has so much more to offer! Next week, will talk about the more cultural aspects of Pavones, and what town-life is like.




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