Eco Yoga Mat Spray

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We’ve been making our own mat spray at PYC and students love it. People have been known to spritz themselves with it on the way out the door (and use it for cuts and scrapes too). Crazy but true.

Top secret recipe is:

2 C Water (distilled or spring)
1/4 C Witch Hazel
10 – 15 drops Tea Tree Oil
5 – 10 drops Lavender Oil
5 – 10 drops Eucalyptus or peppermint oil
5 – 10 drops Lemongrass Oil
Optional: Some recipes call for 1/2 tsp. glyceryl cocoate (this is a supposedly harmless additive made from organic coconut but the name scares me a little. It’s an emulsifier that gets the oil and water to mix and is commonly found in cosmetics so safe enough for skin).


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