True Life I’m a yoga teacher: With the fabulous Sandra Sharp!

This week, in honor of running her first retreat, I introduce to you Sandra Sharp, PYC July 2012 Graduate. This girl has had such an amazing amount of courage in following her dreams, and each time I see what she’s up to, I continue to be inspired! Sandra was one of the youngest ladies at our Pavones Yoga Center Teacher Training, and yet within a year, she has a strong following to her regular classes beach side in Hermosa, Costa Rica, and as we said, this week is hosting her first yoga, surf, adventure retreat!  Congratulations Sandra, and thanks so much for sharing your journey here on the Salty Dog!

How did you make the decision to become a full time yoga teacher?

After years of school, I graduated from university and really had no idea what I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life. I thought, why not get certified for a job for now and see where it takes me. And after the most inspiring teacher training at the Pavones Yoga Center, I thought teaching must be what I should be doing. Becoming a full time yoga teacher was best for myself mentally, physically and especially for my health. I hadn’t even practiced yoga for very long before I became certified to teach, and it was by far the best choice I could have made! I love the feeling- the excitement, the little bit of nervousness, but also the calming and relaxing effect I get before and during every class I teach.

What has it been like getting your business started? What are the challenges and successes?

Living in Costa Rica, getting any business started takes a lot of hard work and persistence. Right now I have daily classes in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. I am also hosting yoga retreats with Sanga Retreats in November and February in Playa Esterillos, Costa Rica, with more retreats to come in 2014! I plan on opening my own retreat center in Playa Hermosa within the next few years; so if anyone is interested in hosting or vacationing get in touch . The challenges are definitely sticking to your goals and plans, when it seems that things aren’t going in the direction you’d like. But every time I teach a class, I feel my goals are one step closer to becoming true!

What types of classes and packages do you offer? What is the source of your creativity and/or how do you decide what to offer?

I offer Vinyasa power classes, slow flow Vinyasa classes, and I am now Yoga Alliance certified to teach Restorative classes. I will soon have my own website where you can book yoga and surf retreats in Costa Rica directly through me. I find my creativity in everyday encounters, I mean I am living in a paradise with jungle and the ocean surrounding me 24/7. I love nature and I teach outside, it’s not too hard to lose creativity here. To stay connected with the background of yoga I am reading the Core of the Yoga Sutras: The Definitive Guide to the Yoga Sutras by B.K.S. Iyengar, and it has really brought precision and clarity to my practice off the mat. Iyengar really explains the Sutras for everyday life, and it really makes sense!

Whats your best memory from the PYC teacher training?

This is a tough question, but my best memory from the PYC teacher training would have to be how freeing and exhilarating it felt to teach that first class at the end of the month. Before teaching, the whole PYC mountain felt like it had jitters, waiting anxiously; I felt like that whole month of training could not be over already, could I really know all these postures and techniques I need? As soon as I began that first class, everything flowed out so easily like I didn’t even know where it was coming from. The knowledge, the ease, and the immense intelligence of the postures PYC had given me throughout that month made me feel like a well versed teacher! That day, you really knew and saw everyone’s creativity and uniqueness shine through their teachings. Oh, and J.P’s delicious raw vegan food!!

 In what ways did the PYC teacher training change your life?

The knowledge of the postures, philosophy, techniques, daily living the PYC has given me is an amazing foundation to practice yoga. My everyday life, on and off the mat, is continuously growing and I am always learning. I gratefully thank their time and tremendous effort they put into the experience.

Favorite food from JPs Kitchen?

I loved his beet burgers, I really want to learn to make those! Also, his hot sauce and the chocolate balls!! Yum!

Top 3 songs to jam out to during a flow?

When I teach I don’t use much music, mainly some soft, relaxing Chi tunes or pretty whale music I got from my massage therapist friend. However, when I am practicing by myself, I am listening a lot to Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, really anything fast for my power class, I love to sweat when I practice!

Best thing about Costa Rica & thing you miss most from the states?

The best thing about Costa Rica are the waves! I love to surf. The thing I miss most about the states is my family!

~ Pura Vida, Sandra Sharp

If you’d like to contact Sandra for any more information on her classes or retreats, email  or visit my affiliate website

One thought on “True Life I’m a yoga teacher: With the fabulous Sandra Sharp!

  1. Sanga Retreats says:

    Having Sandra join the Sanga Retreats team has been an incredible experience on our end. She has brought a lot of light and energy to the Costa Rican division and we hope to have her around for a long time. Her preperation for the retreat and dedication to the guests has made the first few days go off without a hitch, not an easy task when you are taking on something as big as a retreat, and all the logistics that come along with it.

    From the moment I interviewed her last year at Playa Esterillos Este I had a good feeling about her competence as a teacher and leader. Her smile is very welcoming and her work ethic has proved to be impressive.

    There is a lot of responsibility when hosting a retreat that most people don’t realize. It isn’t as simple as teaching the yoga classes. You are looked to as a leader, a tour guide, a travel agent, a friend, a translator, a therapist, a coordinator, a manager, and the overal flow and energy of a retreat rests upon your shoulders. It can be daunting, but Sandra has proven she is more than up for the challenge.

    Jamie Wood
    Owner – Sanga Retreats

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