Who Are You Becoming?

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pavones yoga center yoga costa rica 200 hour yoga teacher training multidimensionalYou are the ancestor of your future self. Hold this invitation for a breath or two. Your future happiness depends upon the way that you shape this moment. Your current presence creates the distant horizon of your future self. Do you want to become the person you are practicing becoming every day?

After a weekend retreat, I’ve returned home speechless, but simultaneously wanting to burst forth through poetry the way David Whyte so masterfully does. All credit to him here…

Here’s a question of his that I love: What is your relationship to strangers? The way we interact with the people and ideas who are just now entering into our lives sets the stage for the way that we will meet and greet the future stranger-self who appears in the doorway of the heart. That person you are even now becoming, the one for whom you are shaping the temple of your heart: if stranger appears to you as enemy, your future self will be hard to get to know.

A Yogic Inquiry:

Practice hospitality to strangers as a way of developing right relationship to the stranger you are becoming. Even if already you are kind, open and generous with strangers, take this action with the intention of opening a conversation with the unknown parts of yourself through your interactions with unknown friends you haven’t met. Try it for a day, a week, a month.

And on the flip side of the same coin: Look for the stranger in those you know best. Watch for the ways your beloveds are transforming and becoming, right before your eyes. Open the same door of hospitality to those fragile, vulnerable young selves emerging out of those you think you know so well.

Yoga wisdom reminds us that the self is a fluid process, not set in stone. There is freedom and humor in getting to hang out with all the ways we forget this truth. This practice of hospitality invites us into relationship with the mysterious and unknown dimensions of life. It’s exciting. Infinite. Expansive. Liberating. Surprising… In all these ways, I hope to meet you one day as a stranger, a fellow pilgrim on the path.


One thought on “Who Are You Becoming?

  1. Richard I. Sho Albert says:

    Greatness must be recognized. This is a beautiful blog post, dear Indira.

    Daylight Savings gave me an additional hour, and the excellent questions you offered are framing a most new experience for the rest of the day. ¡GRACIAS!

    Sending you a bit of Manhattan sabor with a view of Central Park South and the Time Warner Building on 59th & Broadway. [image: Inline image 1] Love, ===Sho===

    On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:14 PM, Pavones Yoga Center’s The Salty Dog Yoga

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