July 200-Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training: Meet The Staff

There is magic afoot. In just over two short months, another 200-hour yoga teacher training will begin at Pavones Yoga Center. This July, a very special group of yoga teachers will travel from all corners of the globe to Costa Rica to meet up at PYC. Yoga teacher training months are my absolute favorite times of year. My life just seems to make the most sense when everyone at PYC is diving deep into heart & mind territory. So, as I set my intentions toward the July yoga teacher training program, I’m delighted and honored to introduce some of the friends and colleagues who will be joining me this summer… and if you like what you see, I hope you can come too…

… Namaste, Indira

Meet The Staff of PYC

Ever since Caru Schultz started practicing yoga, she took it as a lifestyle, exploring the foundations of the practice in every dimension of her life.

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Caru Shultz is a 500-hour graduate of Pavones Yoga Center and joins the July yoga teacher training staff in 2015.

Caru has been studying Vedanta, pranayama and asanas with inspiring teachers from different backgrounds and nationalities, and searching for different movements and body expressions through acrobatics, Capoeira and Contemporary Dance. What she loves about teaching is the possibility to share and trade transformative experiences with students. Caru’s classes explore the synchrony between movement and breath, stability and flexibility. And all of it is seasoned with a lot of joy, love for life and a big smile. 


yoga teacher on staff for the July yoga teacher training program at Pavones Yoga Center yoga alliance 200 hour
Kristian Alm is a professional dancer and yoga teacher from Norway

Kristian Alm is from Oslo, Norway, where he works as a classical/ contemporary dancer. Kristian started practicing yoga in 2003 as a part of his dance company´s daily training. It had such a great impact in his life: Yoga not only improved his dancing abilities, but also aligned the body and created a happy, calm mind. Kristian has been leading classes for dance colleagues after completing his 200-hour yoga teacher training at Pavones Yoga Center (PYC). He is eager to share his personal yoga practice and teaching has been influenced strongly by the yin tradition as taught at PYC.




July 2015 yoga teacher training 200 hour Costa Rica yoga teacher training
Lindsay Gitlitz is a yoga teacher on staff at the Pavones Yoga Center.

After years of academic study, Lindsay Gitlitz found yoga as she worked toward a Master’s degree in human development, but lacked an understanding of what it meant to just be human. So Lindsay pursued and received her 200–hour yoga teacher certification at Pavones Yoga Center in Costa Rica. Lindsay’s passion for practicing and teaching yoga focuses on the insights that can be applied off the mat: creating a stable foundation, a balance between strength and flexibility and a healthy understanding of limitations.  As the vinyasa practice deepened, an interest in more restorative forms of yoga grew as an antidote for the stress that daily life and rigorous asana practice created. Patience, commitment and practice guide Lindsay as both a teacher and ongoing student of yoga.

Lynn Davidson’s motivation to start yoga in 2007 was initially to try a new physical activity. It has since become a transformational  journey. Lynn has been captivated by the holistic way of life that yoga embodies. Lynn completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Pavones Yoga Center with her loving husband, Ron Davidson. She continues to study with enthusiasm and a passion for yoga, most recently completing a Yin Yoga training. Lynn lives near Toronto, Canada where she works full time as a high school teacher and guidance counselor, teaching yoga to teens for half the day and counseling for the balance. Lynn teaches classes that are empowering and transformational. Her goal is to help her students find ways to lead healthier, more balanced lives. At PYC, Lynn specializes in yin yoga and yoga for trauma. Lynn is forever grateful for her position on staff at the 2015 Pavones Yoga Center yoga teacher training program and deeply honored to once again be part of the over-all yoga experience at Pavones Yoga Center.

Check out Pavones Yoga Center’s full staff at the following link:


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