costa rica yoga teacher training

pavonesyogacenter july yoga teacher training costa ricaI love the word luddite, Alex uses it all the time. And the other day, I was so happy to be labeled one by a social media wizard. Am I the only person stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the amount of bullshit on the internet? Is it really the norm for a “successful” online brand to regularly post four times per day to Facebook, a half a dozen times per day to Twitter, one photo per day on Instagram, plus two blog posts per week? Is me in a handstand outside the post office (with six #hashtags) really a marketing ploy? This is seriously depressing. Who wants to sift through that much crap?

If, in order to be “successful,” my life as a yoga teacher becomes about spending hours taking selfies and finding #yogaquotes, then I might just get a desk job. Or seriously consider inhabiting a jungle cave and abandoning this Pavones Yoga Center endeavor. Because for every bullshit post on Twitter, I don’t get to do the things I truly love to do: my two hour morning sadhana, the self-reflective hours in nature, surf sessions, the exploratory research on yoga for scoliosis, the updates to PYC program content, the yin/restorative/meditation combo in the evening. These things actually make me a better yoga teacher. I’m failing to understand how a selfie does that.

Maybe one day someone who loves to do everything digital will arrive like an techie-angel on my doorstep, and then #PYC will blow up. Until that day, please don’t expect a lot from @pavonesyogacenter in the social media world. It just isn’t our thing. http://www.pavonesyogacenter.com/yoga-teacher-training

By all means, friend us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, etc etc. If you love us, and you know how to do these digital-age-magical-things, by all means, get in touch, share your PYC graduation photos and inspiring yoga content and quotes with us – we need you! But please, don’t explain to me what the fuss is all about  — I’m down here in the jungle, mostly offline, and actively pursuing my status as top social-media-luddite of 2015 and beyond.


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