What Is Multidimensional Yoga?

Pavones Yoga Center for Mindfulness Journal

This is an excerpt transcribed from a recording of a yoga teacher training conversation with Indira at Pavones Yoga Center in July, 2013 

First of all, let’s clear up what multidimensional yoga is not. Multidimensional yoga doesn’t have to do with aliens, or out of body experiences, or anything like what is pictured in the images below:

pavones yoga center indira kate kalmbach 200 hour multidimensional yoga teacher training Although these images are what some people think of as “multidimensional,” it’s not what we mean.

When it says on the cover of your yoga teacher training manuals that this is a “Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training” what does that mean?

Well to me, and this connects in with everything we’ve been talking about this morning… to me that means most simply that the [yoga] practice can be used and channeled in the way that is most individually optimized for you, in this moment. Not in the way that your mom or boyfriend…

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