PYC Mt. Shasta Reunion Photos


Two of the highlights of this reunion, memories I will carry with me always, these are like bookends, one at the beginning, one at near the end of our time together. On the first night, after dinner, when we all met up in the yoga room for the first time, I loved the way it felt to be in a room as we each shared a highlight from the travel day. There’s a palpable deliciousness in the air when people speak about their happiness. It felt so yummy! Then, on the final night (after we accidentally smoked out the yoga room from a mishap with the wood-burning stove), we all met up in a cozy upstairs area of the beautiful A-Frame house. Remember? “One thing I will carry with me…” ? I’ll carry that feeling with me too. Thank you for offering me connection. I’m so grateful for the reunion experience — thank you to everyone who made it happen!

To download your copy of the photos just click on the image which will bring up a larger version. If you’d like a full-sized version of any of the photos, request it via email or in the comment section at the bottom of this page.


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