Purna: The Fullness of Beginnings

Here at Pavones Yoga Center, our winter yoga teacher training begins in less than a week. The place is humming with preparations; we’ve all set as our intention to create a haven for our month-long retreat and each person has a set of tasks toward that end. As I write this, a sloth is hanging upside-down in the nearby cecropia tree, lazily scratching an ear. The whales are singing underwater nearby, (I heard them today when I went out for a quick surf). The macaws pass by overhead, screeching. All of this announces presence, reminds me to be aware, to be mindful, in the midst of all this action.

At some point before any yoga teacher training begins, I do a little walk-about and see what animal messages nature offers. One of the biggest messages this week is in the simple presence of the wildness around me, and in the brightness of the moon, that, as it approaches fullness, has kept me up at night, pondering and listening and feeling.

Sunday night, when we gather for the first time as a group with a shared intention, we will

Costa Rica yoga teacher training 2016 Pavones
Full moon over PYC, just days before the beginning of our winter yoga teacher training

do so under an auspicious full moon. Full moons signal completion and fullness (purna in Sanskrit), and as you prepare for the long-haul of travel to Pavones, and pack those last minute items on your list, I invite you to also take some slowed-down time to savor the fullness of this moment.

Paradoxically, even before our month of retreat begins, there can be a sense of completion that comes from arriving into this moment of beginning. When the long period of preparing and planning and gathering funds and anxiety about preparedness are over, now there can be full being-ness.

I very much look forward to it, and to the space that we will create and maintain together — so very soon.

Namaste and Enormous Day. See you Sunday!

full moon january 2016 yoga teacher training Costa Rica.png
For thousands of years, nature-based communities have seen the night of the full moon as a time to commemorate moments, small and large, of completion. It is the symbolic birth of something new. In this instance, a yoga teacher training.



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