Epitaph For Belonging

costa rica yoga teacher training

I wrote this during the recent yoga teacher training, inspired by the many students in that program who chose to commit to a full digital detox, avoiding all social media, texting, email, for the duration of the program. Their revelations were an inspiration to the entire yoga teacher training group. Also inspired by Sherry Turkle’s most recent book Reclaiming ConversationBuy it, read it, be forever shaped by it.

Epitaph For Belonging

Do you worry that you’ll wish
on your deathbed
that you had spent more time
On Instagram?

Do you want your tombstone to read
“He had two million followers”
Or “she could adeptly send
Four hundred texts per day”?

Is it so necessary for us to have our phones with us
at dinner?
Or in bed?


Before you turn to a screen for a weather report:

Open your door.
Stand with the smell of rain on concrete
Or frost on windowsill.

Feel how this is,
How it actually is.
Stand in this doorway,

-Indira Kate Kalmbach February 18, 2016


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