Spirit Animals Of Pavones

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Many happy responses came in about our latest project to protect the habitat of our beloved Pavones animals. THANK YOU for your messages, still working through the responses…

In the meantime, here’s the first draft animals for the deck. If your favorites aren’t on it, add them in the comment section below or send us an email. We’ll include them in the next round of animal spirits. The Spirit Animals of Pavones deck is an ongoing project, we’ll be posting about the meaning of each animal, along with drawings, as they each animal gets its final touches and votes of approval. (if the animal name is in bold, you can click the link for the spirit message from this animal. we’re adding one per day Monday through Friday beginning March 14, 2016).

1. sloth

2. kinkajou

3. macaw

4. blue morpho butterfly

5. gecko

6. vulture

7. house wren

8. hummingbird

9. boa constrictor

10. mosquito

11. scorpion

12. heron

13. ceibo (tree)

14. toucan

15. roble (tree)

16. woodpecker

17. bat

18. spider

19. whale

20. howler monkey

21. iguana

22. tapir

23. tree frog

24. falcon

25. ant

26. hawk

27. moth

If you want to meet these animals in person, join our upcoming yoga teacher training programs. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Spirit Animals Of Pavones

  1. Kristen Lamarre says:

    What about the termites? I think that is what they were. They hatched after a rain storm and where everywhere!

    1. Pavones Yoga Center says:

      thank you Ms. Patricia. Of course we would rather get to hang out with you in Pavones! But I truly appreciate the offer of assistance and will let you know … this project has already been so much fun and is bringing the PYC community together in a spirit-animal way. Love it

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