The Scarlet Macaw Says…

on the beach scarlet macaw a spirit animal of Pavones Yoga Center yoga teacher training 200-hour program in costa rica
macaw shouts: be bold!

The boldness of scarlet macaw’s bright red feathers against the wide open blue sky is a contrast as powerful as the difference between the beauty of the macaw and it’s loud and argumentative cackle. Macaw shouts: be bold! Have the audacity to bring the brilliant prisms of your brightest dreams into the noon-day sun. Let the sky be a canvas for your dreaming.

And, should you feel fear about being oh-so-bold, remember that, like the macaw, true friends can communicate openly about all things.

With macaw’s spirit nearby, you have the support you need for this new and brave conversation with the world.
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lapa costa rica pavones spirit animal 200-hour July yoga alliance

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