Friendliness Meditation

In last month’s newsletter I talked about a mindfulness practice I’ve taken up as a result of a photograph that caught my eye at the Chicago Art Institute. Then last week I got a message from Trevor with the following update:

“Just a quick update about the “friend friend friend” mantra that you suggested- I remember you saying you wanted to hear how it went. First, thank you for the idea. Secondly- I definitely noticed an ease in being around strangers in the city when I remembered the mantra.

The most notable moment was last weekend- I was running a half marathon up and down a mountainside. Often, I struggle to think positively, and suppress thoughts of doubt. I sometimes think very aggressively about beating my competitors, and then recoil from those feelings because of their hostility. This time, however, I actually felt like I ran faster, thinking of the competitors in the race as my friends. Running with friends, and running fast as an example for them, was actually an easier and more energizing metaphor than thinking of them as my opponents. So, I endorse the mantra!

I love this! I hope that the friendliness meditation is helping you too. If you missed it, and want to know more about the practice, here’s the link.

Pavones Yoga Center November Newsletter: Strangers? Or Friends Your Haven’t Met?

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pavones_yoga_center_yoga_teacher_costa_rica_trevor_laymanTrevor is a graduate of the Pavones Yoga Center yoga teacher training and teaches yoga at OmTown Yoga in Seattle, Washington. He’s an avid runner, Latin language lover (and Latin teacher), and great teacher of improv (and yoga). He’s away from teaching yoga for the month of December, but check out his Wednesday night class when he resumes teaching in January 2017!

yoga teacher training costa rica

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