The Deliciousness of Digital Detox

In our busy daily lives, digital devices (phones, tablets, and computers) are often part of our entire day. We wake to the alarm chimes on our phone, we check our text messages at the whim of an electrical “BING”, we feel as though we must respond immediately to the list of emails in our inbox, we occupy times of boredom scrolling through social media feeds, and we isolate ourselves with earbuds as we move through the world.
Here at the Pavones Yoga Center for Mindfulness, one of the first ways we can begin to align our attention with intention is to take a break from our digital devices and the many forms of distraction they provide.

If you need more reasons to take a digital detox, check out the Hidden Brain episode called “Life Interrupted.”

A commitment to digital detox allows us to fully arrive and tune into the incredible beauty that surrounds us outside, and to listen attentively to our own inner wisdom. Any yoga teacher training at Pavones Yoga Center for Mindfulness is an incredible opportunity to take a break from your digital life. I hope you’ll join us here at one of our future programs.

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