Remember Your First?

What do you remember about your first time? I asked Jeff, a recent graduate of the 200-hour yoga teacher training at PYC, to share this insanely funny story he told us about his first time. He had us all rolling on the floor laughing. It began something like this…His name was Nigel. My first impression of Nigel was that he was strange! A tall man with the long yogic beard, a turban on top his head and a penchant for not wearing much clothing. …

Victory: A Standing Rock Interview

Today is a day of celebration, a day to lean into joy. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would not be granting an easement under Lake Oahe for the Dakota Access pipeline to cross the Missouri River, just a half mile upstream of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation.

Last week I checked in with Rachel Irwin, who was at the front lines of the Standing Rock protest. I asked her a few questions for a peek into what the experience was like.

A Bone of Contention: A Phrase In The Running For Worst Yoga Cue Ever

Bone isn’t going to give.

This anatomical truth, unlike Donald Trump’s stance on pretty much everything, is not going to change. So my heart breaks a little bit when students who have been practicing for years, decades even, some of them past dancers and gymnasts with thousands of hours of flexibility and strength training, approach me after class to ask what they can do to get their shins parallel in pigeon pose….

Stop That Cue! Three Verbal Cues In Yoga That Drive Me Bananas

This cue was all the rage in the late 90s, and I fear it is coming back into fashion, as I’ve heard it a lot recently. Admittedly, I did a lot of micro-bending in my 20s. So much so that, by 30, my knees ached regularly; they hurt just standing in line at the grocery store, in tadasana, mountain pose. It took a great deal of conscious effort and a strong yoga practice to unwind unhealthy muscle memory and create …