The Deliciousness of Digital Detox

In our busy daily lives, digital devices (phones, tablets, and computers) are often part of our entire day. We wake to the alarm chimes on our phone, we check our text messages at the whim of an electrical “BING”, we feel as though we must respond immediately to the list of emails in our inbox, we occupy times of boredom scrolling…

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The Tao Of Food: The Middle Way

by Alex Lanau

Ever wonder how to be healthy in a never ending sea of information? Me too.

My intention is to find the Tao of Food, the so-called Middle Way between starting every day swirling coconut oil and a colon cleanse or ingesting bacon, hashbrowns, a cigarette, and a chug mug of cola. I want to shine a light on the absurdity…


TEACHING YOGA: The Yoga Straight Face

I glanced about at my students and everyone who had been giggling and laughing as we came in, now had this look on their face. It wasn’t a giggle. It could have been a frown, maybe even a grimace. It was a very straight face. Really, a perfect poker face, because I could NOT read it. So again, my mind cycled, and I thought, “shit, I lost them!”