Remember Your First?

What do you remember about your first time? I asked Jeff, a recent graduate of the 200-hour yoga teacher training at PYC, to share this insanely funny story he told us about his first time. He had us all rolling on the floor laughing. It began something like this…His name was Nigel. My first impression of Nigel was that he was strange! A tall man with the long yogic beard, a turban on top his head and a penchant for not wearing much clothing. …

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The Tao Of Food: The Middle Way

by Alex Lanau

Ever wonder how to be healthy in a never ending sea of information? Me too.

My intention is to find the Tao of Food, the so-called Middle Way between starting every day swirling coconut oil and a colon cleanse or ingesting bacon, hashbrowns, a cigarette, and a chug mug of cola. I want to shine a light on the absurdity…

Visvamitra: Starting Over

As I walk into the studio at dawn, a sliver of moon is still visible, like a blessing. I’m empty. I ask myself the question I’ve come to associate with Viśvamitra, the question I ask during the Art of Flow yoga teacher training, and in yoga classes whenever I’m teaching Viśvamitrasana as the peak pose. The theme is tapas but…

Stop That Cue! The Missing Edge

What happens when the language cues in yoga superimpose images that don’t match up to reality? It creates a disconnect between body and concept. Unfortunately, because of our mind-dominant culture, it is usually the concept that wins. The body tries to conform. We are quite adept at conforming to outside influences: look at 4-inch heels, foot-binding and spanxs. Yoga becomes another place where mind rules over body; when actually yoga practice should be the place where the body’s inherent intelligence guides the way forward. But just imagine: what if the process of foot-contact exploration held the potential to open a magic portal …?