Donald Trump what would politics look like if he were a yoga teacher getting certification through pavones yoga center costa rica yoga alliance school?

If Donald Trump Were A Dharma Teacher

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. His ratings are helped by his fearless off-the-cuff remarks and unpolished, impassioned speeches. Then he spends an inordinate amount of time on some variation of the phrase “that wasn’t my intention.” If only Donald Trump practiced yoga, he’d have some practice working on this.

svadyaya self study memorization of poetry at yoga teacher training in Costa Rica Pavones Yoga Center

Svadyaya: Self-Study

“Strange questions, yet I have spent worthwhile time with them. And I suggest them to you also, that your spirit grow in curiosity, that your life be richer that it is, that you bow to the earth as you feel how it actually is, that we — so clever, and ambitious, and selfish, and unrestrained — are only one design of the moving, the vivacious many.”